• As built, St Bart’s only accommodated 112 worshippers, for the population of Roby was initially quite small.
  • Influenced by the increased trade in Liverpool and the growth caused by the railway, the village of Roby grew rapidly and it soon became obvious that the church needed to be enlarged.
  • This happened in stages, as the number of people in the parish grew; the first expansion took place in 1856.

1856: Nave & Gallery

  • This involved lengthening the nave and building a small gallery at the west end of the church, where the spire now sits. This provided an additional 100 seats, 60 of which were free. The £400 cost was borne by Rev. Ellis Ashton, vicar of Huyton Parish Church, who continued his generosity toward the parish.

1864: South Aisle 

  • Still, the parish continued to grow, and the church again was running out of space. The next addition came in 1864 when a new south aisle was added, the length & width of the original nave. The cost for these works was much greater, at £800, which this time was gathered from voluntary contributions.

1874: North Aisle, Chancel, Vestry & Organ Chamber

  • The final expansion occurred in 1874, when a new north aisle, chancel, vestry & organ chamber were added to the building. These were built very much in the same style as the original building; indeed it is difficult to tell today.
  • This final work cost £4,000 and increased the capacity to 520 seats.
  • A new organ by Willis was also installed at a cost of £535.
  • You can read more about the organ here.


  • This extensive set of alterations left the church very much as it is today, save for the addition of the spire in 1876.